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images (1)I admitted yesterday that I was struggling with motivation.  I had a good day on Saturday writing but I want to dive deeper into motivation because I want to finish this book I have come so close to completing.  I know that being prepared for the loss of motivation can really help prevent it from taking over for too long.   I took a little time this weekend to do some research on motivation.  I want to share some of what I discovered.

Let’s take a walk into ways to be motivated:

  1. To maintain motivation try setting goals.  Not big ones like finish my book. To maintain solid motivation try smaller daily goals. A word count of 500 words for the day or a time limit such as write uninterrupted for 20 minutes.
  2. If you struggle with writing on your novel try working on a character.  Write a side piece that explains their emotional scar, family or another aspect of the personality that you need to develop. This sometimes is what is causing the lack of desire to write. Something needs to be dug out and worked through so you can push forward.
  3. Keep a journal.  Go in search of motivational quotes for the dry times.  Record them and display them in your work area.  Type or write some of your favorites in different fonts, paraphrase it and make it personal. Here is one of my favorites: richardbach5-2x I often personalize it by saying:  I will be a professional writer because I won’t quit.
  4. Deadlines.  Sometimes people work well under deadlines.  I am one of those people. The thing is as a writer, you don’t usually have a boss that will fire you if you don’t make a deadline. That can be problematic.  You need to find an accountability partner. Someone that will keep you on the straight and narrow.  Maybe you don’t have anyone?  There are so many writer’s groups out there that can help you find a like-minded individual that can help you.
  5. Set up rewards for yourself when you meet a goal/deadline.  It can be your favorite candy bar or even better a new book.
  6. Grab a writer’s prompt, and just write something. Usually, just the act of writing can be enough to motivate you back to your WiP
  7. Write a To-Do list. It can be very satisfying to check off those little boxes and encourage you to keep going.  Just don’t get bogged down making list and avoiding writing! Keep your list to five items or less (This is a pitfall, I have fallen into many times.)
  8. Declutter your space.  Clutter can cause you to lose focus.
  9. Remind yourself of your “why”. Keep it fresh, write it out again.
  10. Physical activity, prayer,  meditation, nature, listen to music.  Take small breaks to enjoy these things employ them in your writing time.

I would love to say that following the just sit down and push through it works best, but the truth is we can sit down and find ourselves quickly lost in the woo of the internet.

Setting up some motivators can help keep you from falling off the page for too long.


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  1. Good advice 🙂

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