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CalendarNow we are several days into our rededication to our craft, by our I mostly mean, me.  Let’s look at our schedule.

Every week is seven days with 24 hours in that week that means we have 168 hours.  If we are lucky, we sleep 8 hours a night that leaves 112 hours, the average person spends say 5 hours a day eating, and personal care. That leaves us with 77 hours. If you work a 40 hour work week you are down to what I call golden hours.  These are the hours you decide what is going to happen. Family?  They will eat up at least half of that, let’s say 18 hours for family time this would include things such as outings with the kids/spouse, church, parties etc.  That leaves us with 19 hours open.  (Whew!  That’s a lot of math for a word nerd!)  Do you realize if you spend 15 hours a week on your book it could take as little as two months (give yourself three just for the hiccups in life and binge-watching Netflix from time to time.) to finish your first draft?  In six to seven months you can have a revised draft ready for beta readers. In nine months you could begin sending out queries.

I think even with ten hours dedicated to writing and writing only the success rate to complete a book will be outrageous.  Your timetable may move back a bit at ten hours a week but not very far off if you are truly working only on your book. You can use another three or four hours for your business of writing (working on your writer’s platform, research, critiquing and editing, writing query letters etc.)

FYI: Ten hours a week is one hour and forty-three minutes a day.  That is like two episodes of your favorite crime show, four sitcoms or less than one full-length motion picture a week.  Think about it, what will get you to the keyboard?  Make that happen!



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