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lemonadeFriday is my lemonade day.  See I have this little commitment I made several months ago which begins tomorrow.  I leave for camp with a rag-tag group of elementary aged kids.  They needed a human to drive them and tend to their many needs for several days and I am that human.  I love going to camp, in fact, this is my second trip this year with kiddos to enjoy the great out of doors.  Here is my lemonade.  All week, we have talked about confessions of a bad writer, how to be consistent and motivated and that our time writing is valuable and here I am, forking over all this time (120 of my 168) for the week and basically eliminating my writing time.  Truly lemons.  A bit sour because I am fired up to write, but will be moving all week at a rapid pace with these precious kids.  (Another lemon would be the ungodly hour they want me to get up every morning, see I am a night owl and anything before 8:00 am is a real struggle.)

This is lemonade because in a former frame of mind it would be an opportunity for me to blow off writing for a week, to blow off my blog for a week, I mean it’s a legit REASON right?  I really hope you said “nope.”

This is a challenge to stick to my guns (that’s for my kids – Mom on music). I am taking with me on this five-day adventure into zip-lines, rock walls and loud music my notebooks and a copy of my WiP to continue working.  Good news, the kids have to be in bed at 10:00 and that leaves me an hour and a half before I MUST go to sleep to function properly.

This post is to show that if we plan the hiccups in life that we can stay true to our dream.

Next week’s post will be EIO (Exercises in Observations) for two reasons.  First, they were wildly popular and I had a few requests that I post more of them. The next is I can schedule the post before I leave.  I will be checking the blog often what I am gone (this camp has actual WiFi which is an absolute blessing).

Let’s be productive this weekend friends, and keep writing!


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