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I am excited to share a few more EIOs this week.  I am at camp with a bunch of fantastic kids and here we are out in the beauty of nature and what better thing to do but look up.  Your up may be inside or out.  You may want to step outside with your cell phone and click a photo up without looking.  Then take a moment to look at that image and describe the first or the one element that stands out to you.

My EIO for today was done before I came to camp so my up is in my kitchen.

June 20, 2018

The faint line may drive me mad. Where the grey meets the upper limit.  The promises of the green tape’s superiority over the blue familiar, the tape I dropped extra cash on failed.   The perfect grey that I am still endured crept under that green and left a blob on the stark white of my ceiling.  It would take a ladder to reach that cursed line to straighten it out.  I look up and I see the imperfection that was a result of my exhaustion. I see a perfect example of what it means to be alive.  I see a little blob along a long straight line. I’ve decided to leave it, a reminder that imperfection is okay and that the line must go on.   

I would love to know what your “up”  looks like.  Feel free to drop a sentence of two in the comment box.



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