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I had an “ah-ha” moment while shopping at Target yesterday.  I was looking for a particular color of powder in the make up section.  I browsed, Classic Ivory, Ivory, Natural Ivory… Soft Honey, Classic Tan, Rich Sand, Amber Glow, Classic Bronze, Almond Glow, Toffee, etc.  and the light switched clicked on.

What a great way to get details.  I pulled out my notebook and began scribbling down the different color descriptions for face colors.   The makeup industry has done a brilliant job coming up with amazing descriptive names for important details for writers.

When I got home, I popped onto a few cosmetic companies websites and started reading the descriptions of their products.  Look at a few of these for ways add to your arsenal:

  • Soft, subtle lashes
  • gentle brow
  • dramatic eye
  • sultry or smoky eyes
  • defined brow
  • overshadowed
  • inked (eyeliner) which led me to this – boldly inked lines surrounded crystal blue eyes
  • adventurous eyes
  • pop
  • pout
  • luscious lips
  • bold, classy, trendy colors on her lips
  • crave-able lips
  • flattering
  • hungry eyes
  • flawless
  • beautifully blushed
  • contoured/highlighted
  • sunkissed
  • healthy glow
  • shimmering skin
  • pearly skin

I also thought about hair color, and oh, what fun.  Check out some of these great hair color names I found:

  • Candied Cashews
  • Light Copper
  • Scarlette Bronze
  • Toffee Nut
  • Spiced Hazelnut
  • Glazed Walnut
  • Pearl Blonde
  • Icy Blonde
  • Silver Blonde
  • Champagne Blonde

You get the idea.  Next time you need some help coming up with names for colors of hair, eyes, skin go to the professionals.  Hit the internet or your favorite store and look for that just right color to describe your characters.  Feel free to add those colors to your mood board too!  Have fun!



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