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Writing straight prompts are often pretty vague to help writers just write.  Sometimes it is important that we as writers challenge ourselves to work out our brains.  I have come up with five great Writer’s Brain Workouts for this week.

These workouts are for sharpening some very specific skills.  This workout is to stretch the writer’s brain to think outside of what we see.  Using non-visual cues to help create a scene can tap into a reader’s experiences.  Sight is the most reliable way to sketch a scene but when that is taken away, what can you come up with?

This scene can have you walking in, sitting in a booth, or at the counter. Eating not eating your choice.  Just be sure you get across the location clearly without using visual cues.

My example is below.

Writer’s Workout:  Beyond Sight 

The rumble of big diesel engines come to a stop.  The door jingles open just when I slide into a booth.  I feel a stray spring trying to push through to freedom. The grease is thick in the air.  Reaching for the menu, I discovered it is not just in the air, but a thin slick layer surrounds everything in this place.  A squeak of well-worn shoes and popping of the waitress’s gum stop at my table. She gives a humph and delivers the specials which don’t sound too special, I order a BLT.  Boots thud across the floor, then a familiar twangy voice bellow from the jukebox.  I gulp the cool liquid in my cup.  The laughter from the counter smothers the room.  They come from different places but meet here on the long hauls.  Stories of all they had seen over the last weeks are inescapable.  When my plate arrives I take a bite, the crunch not from the bacon but the overly toasted white bread.  The thick white mayonnaise oozes over the edge and smears my hand, I reach for another napkin wipe it away.  I pop a perfectly golden french fry in my mouth and the taste of the air intensifies and covers my tongue.  The smokey flavor of bacon tickles my taste buds.  I enjoy every bite.  With a heavy sigh, I push my plate to the center picking up the thin paper check I head to the register.  


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