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Writer's-Brain-Workout---POVPoint of View (POV) is often a struggle for writers.  Sometimes, when beginning a new project, you can do this workout to decide which POV is best for your work.  In this workout, write a short scene.  Then change the POV.  If you are not familiar with different POV here is a quick rundown.


  • The first person is the I/we perspective
  • The second person is you perspective
  • The third person is he/she/it/they perspective

If this doesn’t clear it up may I suggest watching this quick video.

Another possible place to learn more about POV is on Grammarly blog. (Great site BTW) Try this article by Brittney Ross

Here is my example of this workout:

Writer’s Brain Workout: Gaining A New Perspective 

Third person:

He saw the murder.  Inside the closet, he watched as the man in the yellow hat took out his piano wire and wrapped it around the fair woman’s neck.  This was not the game he made it out to be.  Her eyes went from playful to terror in moments when she realized this wasn’t a bedroom game. His grip tightened and the man in the closet was sure as life slowly crept from her eyes he would be the last thing she ever saw.

First Person:

I saw her murder. I was hidden inside the closet when the couple arrived.  The man stripped off his shirt and when the woman reached for his yellow hat and he blocked her.  I felt my stomach turn when he pulled out a thin wire.  I couldn’t make out what he said to the woman when he put the thin wire around her neck. I watched, I couldn’t help myself, she was beautiful and naked from the waist up, she was exquisite.  She played along, as he led her to the bed.  Her eyes were playful and her breast so beautiful. For a moment I thought she saw me peeking out from my hiding place, then I saw a change.  I watched as the man’s grip tightened, her eyes widened then life slowy crept away from her,  I am sure I was the last person she saw on this earth.



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