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FFC= Favorite Female Characters.  This week we are focusing on favorite female characters from novels and why they are so fantastic.  This is by no means a complete list, it is simply a top five. Now let’s get on with it!

Number five and a newcomer to the list, Evie Blackwell, a character written by Dee Henderson.   Henderson is the author of the O’Malley series.  Her Evie Blackwell books were released in 2016. We meet Evie Blackwell in Traces of Guilt.

Character Type:  Evie works on Cold Cases.  She is determined and hard-working and very observant.

What’s to Love about Evie:  Evie is easy to love.  She is determined to find the truth.  When everyone else has given up, she digs deeper.  In the first book, she is discouraged by the locals and even given a sharp timeline to find the truth or put the case back in the cooler.  We love Evie because she is kind of unaware of the love interest. Evie pulls the threads and unweaves the truth like no other.  These are Christian fiction books and thus are void of the “steamy” love scenes.

Character Arc/ Development:  There are only two books in this series at this time so the character arc is still developing.  We have however seen Evie moving toward a relationship with a Christian man.  She is moving toward something that seems bigger than her.  We see a change in her behaviors toward small town living as well.  It is possible for her to be happy?  We need to read book two to find out if there will be more between her and Gabriel Thane.

The first book left an impression.  Evie’s way of thinking and badgering to find the truth is just what would be needed to solve Cold Cases.  She learns in the stories to trust Gabe to help her in her quest for the truth.  The end of the first book leaves you wondering what will happen next.  A great sign for book two to be just as good.

Recommended for people that love a good mystery, a sweet love story.  This book is unlike some Christian Fiction in that it is not overly preachy, it’s just clean and well written.  This great read.

Check out the first book here Traces of Guilt

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