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Redeeming Love

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Number four on the FFC list is Angel (Hosea) from the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  This is a powerful love story set in 1850, California Gold Country.

Character Type: Rebellious, strong-willed woman Angel has lived a hard life.

What’s to love about Angel: She has learned to take care of herself and refuses to be forced into doing anything more against her will.  On the outside, she determined to not show any kind of weakness, but inside she is searching for love that is true and pure. This character is one that breaks the reader’s heart.  The trials and struggles that she must face before she realizes that the Michael loves her for her, not for anything more will pull at the heart strings.  We love Angel because she is more than a memorable character, she someone everyone can identify with.  Taken from the Bible the story of Hosea and the struggles with his wife Gomer.  You can’t help but enjoy watching love slowly and timidly come to pass.

Character Arc and Development: This book starts out with a broken woman and a determined man.  The character arc of Angel is one that is frustration in some ways.  She like Gomer, can’t seem to accept the love given to her.  Michael is a godly man that never once forces Angel to do anything she isn’t comfortable with.  It is his love that helps Angel change and develops into the character we are rooting for all along.

This book made it on the list because it leaves a mark.  It is a book that you never forget.  Once you read it, you think back on it several times.  The reader becomes so engaged in the deep characters that they truly invest in the dream of Angel to know real love.  It will be a highly recommend for people you know.  It is not just a romance.  In fact, it makes me laugh because if you didn’t know it was a retelling of the book of Hosea in the Bible, many wouldn’t figure that out.  A well-written character, giving Gomer a voice. Interestingly the book focuses on the woman of this biblical story, not the man.

Grab your copy of this book here: Redeeming Love

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