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Photo Credit: Television Portrayal of Rizzoli & Isles

Oh boy, Jane Rizzoli.  Talk about a firecracker.  This character was so good that a television series was made about and Dr. Isles.  Interestingly, the books differ from the television series.  Both of which are very enjoyable.  The author Tess Gerritsen wrote a fabulous character in Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles which is later used to create the television drama “Rizzoli & Isles”.

Character Type: Over the top cop!  She is the best there is.

What’s to love about Jane Rizzoli – Honestly, she is smart strong and determined and a little socially awkward.  She needs advice from Dr. Isles the ME that works with her on cases and soon develops a nice friendship.   Jane Rizzoli in the television series is much more predominant than in the books.  In the books, Isles plays a much bigger role.  What we love about Jane is her drive.  This cop takes no guff from anyone. She is a great model of female strength in a male-dominated career.

Character Arc/Development:  In the books, we see that the friendships and hard work of Rizzoli make her a better cop.  She softens a bit around her eventual friend Mirya Isles. As the series continues (books) Jane Rizzoli begins to soften a bit especially to a special Agent involved in the second book. Eventually, the character arc takes Rizzoli to a whole new place that leaves her vulnerable to possible attacks from her many foes.

Don’t expect the books and television series to be alike, they are not.  However, the books and the television episodes do develop Jane Rizzoli in a different way and it is interesting to watch how the character is portrayed differently on screen. Finding sometimes disappointment at the way they differ was also interesting to experience. Read the books first.

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