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Stephanie Plum

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Yes! We are down to #2 of Favorite Female Characters and of course, Janet Evanovich’s wildly popular books would make the cut.  Today, we discuss the wonderfully written, Stephanie Plum.

The Plum Series is still growing but from the very beginning, these books are a hit.

Character Type: Stephanie Plum is unique.  The book is written from her Point of View which allows the reader to get right inside her head.  Which is magical because she often says things the readers are thinking.

Why we love Stephanie Plum – Well besides the fact that she is very aware of her own personal flaws she has a great sense of humor about it!  She has a life that I think most women secretly wish they had.  Not one but two terrifically sexy men in her life.  I do love that she is not willing to cross over.  When she is with Morelli, she is not willing to mess around with Ranger or Diesel (later in the series).  She does, however, admit the temptation. The way she explains the many crazy situations she gets herself in as a bonds-woman.

Character Arc/Development:  Stephanie is not a quick character arc.  She is obstinately unwilling to change even though she is aware she needs to make better life choices.  She does over time learn to settle into a relationship with Morelli and befriends Lula a hilarious side-kick. We enjoy the antics of Gramma Mauser and see where the Stephanie gets some of her spunk.  Each novel focuses on one or a few bond skippers that eventually take her on some grand adventures.   The car trouble Stephanie seems to always have is a great mechanic the author uses to keep the reader endeared to Stephanie.

The Stephanie Plum books are a great example of writing humor and mystery cross-over.  Ms. Evanovich is a master of the first person POV and should be studied by anyone that is considering this POV.


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