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Friday is here and we have the number one pick of FFC,  from the In Death Series by J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts), drumroll, please…… Eve Dallas.

Character Type:  Eve Dallas is a justice seeker. A cop in NYC in the year 2058 (well, that is when the series begins).

What’s to love about Eve Dallas: She will do anything to get the bad guy behind bars, including forgetting to eat, failing to sleep and even putting herself out there as bait. She is determined and is humble.  She doesn’t go hard ore after every bad guy for the fame, in fact, she hates and doesn’t understand the people that don’t work as hard as she does. Enter Roarke, hubba-hubba.  He is hardworking and the perfect balance to her straight edge thinking. (More on him later.) Eve Dallas is a strong, independent woman that cannot be compromised.  She is honest to a fault, blunt, loyal to the end and all around selfless character that you can’t help but love.

What makes me care about Eve: She has a deep emotional wound, one that the author has not fully disclosed, leaving the imagination of the reader to run wild of the horrors that may have befallen the small fragile child.

Eve’s Character Arc: Eve has come a long way since she was found in a dingy alley in Dallas and given a name by the social workers because she wasn’t able to remember her own. At the beginning of the series, Eve is a bit of a loner, she works hard and made it to the rank of Lieutenant.  Within a few books, we see Eve go from a cop that was keeping herself safe from friendship and love to a woman that has a very close relationship with a few chosen people (including the comic relief, Peabody). She is fiercely protective of people she loves.  (As promised, more on Roarke)

Character development, love life, and friends: Roarke (no last name) is a very wealthy businessman that Eve finds on her suspect list. A few meetings and interviews leave her thinking more about this handsome man then she likes.   It doesn’t take much for him to take a shine to Eve early in the series and let’s say Roarke is used to getting what he wants.  It’s not long before they are madly in love and quickly married. Thankfully, the author didn’t spend too much time leading up to this or writing about it.  I loved how the book simply has the wedding in a few paragraphs at the end of the book.  The next book picks up on the Honeymoon. It would be a let down if it were a romance novel but it’s not.  These books are about the mystery and Robb does a fantastic job of showing her understanding of her readers.

It is the relationship with Roarke we see the softer side of Eve Dallas.  Honestly, a better side of her.  Roarke is sexy as hell too!  Trust me, the more you read these books the more you will want to see Roarke as part of the stories.  J.D. Robb has used her romance writing skills beautifully in these books.  While some of the physical intimate scenes are a bit racy and some people may need to skip them the scenes of intimate love when Roarke cares for his overly tired wife or her fierce concern to protect him and all he has worked for is something every reader will long to read more. One really feels the love between these two characters.

In her relationships with Peabody, Nadine and  Dr. Mira, Eve develops a friend base.  Something she really needs to deal with the high-stress part of her job as well as coming to terms with her past.  Interestingly, Peabody is an expected relationship that would blossom into friendship while Nadine and Mira are less so.  Robb does a great job weaving these friendships in and not making it overly obtrusive.  Slowly we see friendships develop in all these women’s lives. It is a lovely interaction to watch.  The aide/lieutenant relationship is delicate.  Peabody remains in awe of Dallas but we see some cracks in Eve’s armor and Peabody’s support is what leads to them being more than that of boss and aide.

The In Death series is one I recommend to anyone.   The stories are solid, interesting and the characters are fantastic.

Start Here with book One: Naked In Death

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  1. Golda says:

    I can definitely see why you like this character. She sounds like someone I know. 😉 This definitely looks like a series I want to read, when I have a bit of time.

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