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If I run

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We spent last week looking at great female characters in fiction.  This week we will do the same but for male characters.  Disclaimer: While J.K. Rowling’s character development is outstanding, last week as with this week, Harry Potter characters were not considered.  Her mastery of characters sets them apart, therefore all the male and female characters being reviewed are from sources outside of the phenomenon, Harry Potter.

Let’s look at Dylan Roberts from Terry Blackstock’s  If I run series.

Okay, so not as well known a book as some of the others on this list, I found this series last summer and was engrossed with the story.  Dylan Roberts is actually a second protagonist in the story.  Blackstock writes the book from the point of views of Casey and Dylan.  I plowed through the first book then the second and waited anxiously for the third which I devoured when it was released.  It wasn’t the very best book I have read, but I loved the characters.

Dylan Roberts character type:  HERO!  but also his emotional wound.  Really cool how it is written.

What’s to love about Dylan:  He is a lovable character.  He is patriotic, honest and thoughtful.  We love him because of the struggles he has with leaving the military.  The author does a great job of showing the difficulties that are faced by active military returning to civilian life.  His thoughtful POV is intimate and allows the reader to feel genuine attachment to Dylan.

Character Arc and Development:  Dylan is former military struggling with acclamation back to civilian life.  His military thinking makes it hard for him to follow the leads, the truth.  Over the course of the three books, we see his character make some great changes.  Dylan is smart.  He suffers from a desire to find the truth.  He sees the evidence but also sees the inconsistency inside the obvious.  Dylan is about justice and discovering the truth by any means. As the bigger plot is revealed, Dylan must learn to protect the truth, even if it means doing something he detests.

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  1. Interesting views on heroes 🙂 never read the book but seems cool

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