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Alex Cross

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James Patterson’s Alex Cross is a great character.  The deeper into the series one reads, the better the character Cross becomes.  The reason Cross isn’t higher on the list is that of the “perfectness” of the character.  He is a top cop, FBI agent and psychologist that went to John Hopkins college (Trust me you will know this because Patterson feels like it must be expressed in the books repeatedly.)

Character Type: Hero

Why we love Alex Cross:

While he seems to be too good to be true, there are some masterful flaws in Cross.  He is dedicated, this causes family issues.  That is how we learn to love Cross.  He loves his family, but he also loves his job.  He struggles to find balance.  Dedicated to the job eventually causes situations that makes us love Alex Cross.  We feel sympathy for him.  Working through the series the Cross character becomes more believable and thus a character to love.

Character Arc/Development:

Above shares some of the issues in the development of Cross, however, the developments in his character continue throughout the series.  Funny his character development kind of devolves.  He goes from Mr. Perfect to somewhat less eventually to a realistic character.  That, however, is an interesting way to develop a character.  It’s almost like the reader has an impression of Cross but as we get to know him the more we see the “real” Alex Cross.  It works.  Patterson has done something I think few can pull off, he has allowed his readers to feel like they are actually friends with Alex Cross. Like they are sitting on the porch with him as he tinkers on the piano and shares his stories.


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