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Sherlock Holmes is one of the characters written by Sir Author Conan Doyle that is so memorable that even in remakes and based on stylings come under deep scrutiny.  If you ask almost any person what kind of person Sherlock Holmes there will be very similar responses.   (Let’s face it John Watson is also a reason we love Sherlock so much.) This makes him (them) number two on this list of FMC.


Type of Character:  Intellectual

Why we love Sherlock:  He is loveable because he is so unlike most protagonist.  He is kind of a jerk.  Sherlock is memorable due to the manner in which he doesn’t even realize what a jerk he can be.  You love to hate his arrogance, and yet love it to love it.  We care about Sherlock because even though he doesn’t really “care” about those he is helping he does.  This character is so complex it is exciting to get to know more about him.

Character Arc/Development:  Sherlock actually maintains a solid arrogance due to his hyper observation and incredible IQ.  Sherlock has very clear negative traits and I love that he accepts them.  He uses them to better his work.  Watson and Sherlock have a unique friendship that allows us to know the detective better.  Watson is often telling us about the real Sherlock and because of this symbiotic relationship we not only learn about Sherlock but learn to love him. Truth be told, you know the stories and characters are of the best quality when they have been used in so many television and movie applications.  It is a testament to Sir Author Conan Doyle’s writing it truly stands the test of time.  (Probably should be in the “Why we love Sherlock”, but what can I say.)

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  1. Golda says:

    Ahhhh, Sherlock Holmes. So many growing up hours spent reading about him and wishing I could figure things out so clearly. Love so many of the tv and movie adaptations, as well. My junior year of high school, I spent a lot of time studying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for an English project, as well.

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