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Bet you didn’t expect that! It’s true and for me the reason this is the #1 FMC is simple.  I fell in love with reading, like really fell in love with reading when I read The Outsiders.  I also decided I wanted to be a writer when I read this book.  It’s not a secret that S. E. Hinton was a teenager when she had this book published. It gave me hope that one day I could also write.  Now onto what I pick Ponyboy as the #1 FMC, in the book he is the narrator of the novel.  I felt a connection with him.  Youngest of the Greasers, he also lived in poverty and this plays a part in why he and the rest of the Greasers don’t like the Socs.

Character Type: Hero

Why we love Ponyboy:  As I mentioned above, Ponyboy and the other Greasers were not especially well off.  In the book, Hinton uses this to show that just because one is poor they can still have culture.  When I read that Ponyboy identified with Pip from Charles Dickens and cites poetry (Nothing Can Stay Gold – Frost) and introduces his “gangster” friend Johnny to Gone with the Wind. I loved it.  It pushed me to read more and more and more.

Character Arc/ Development:  Ponyboy is interesting as a character.  He wants to be in the Greasers gang, talks the talk tries to walk the walk but the real Ponyboy emerges in the old abandon church while he and Johnny hid out.  The development of this character is beautiful.  Hinton wants the reader to see that people can’t be judged by appearance and stereotypes.  Ponyboy and Johnny both rush to the save the day but Johnny is mortally wounded.  Ponyboy sticks with Johnny showing a deep friendship and love for his friend.

Ponyboy Curtis was chosen as number one because the book does more than tell an excellent story.  It opens eyes to the possibility of seeing people for who they are and encourages young budding writers.

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