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This is an exercise in observing sound.  There are so many things we miss in our wanderings.  Take time when you arrive at your summer destination and listen.  Listen for sounds and things that stand out.  This can be gold for writers.  Think about it, all over the world people have phrases and things they say that can identify them from a particular region.  Don’t just listen for dialogue (Although, I highly recommend a sit in your favorite coffee shop when you are in a different region.)

Listen to the other sounds, the way a truck sounds when it rolls into the hotel parking lot. Weather sounds that you are not accustomed.  If you notice people lay on the horn quickly?  Record it.  How about the sound of emergency vehicles are they different from what you normally hear?   You get the idea.

Take something you heard and incorporate it into a poem or short story.

Sample: The place I am has amazing thunderstorms almost every day.  I am not used to that.  Storms in the desert are far and few between.  This poem came during a storm, combining the elements of what I heard with a lover’s spat.

The Love Storm: A poem by Erika Hayes


Fight.  The rumble of what’s to come.

Oppressive. Blackened clouds brimming seeking a place to release the heavy load.

Heartbroken. Streaks of white fire stab and split open.

Fear. Pulse quicken with the clap of thunder.

Miserable. The drops fall forming puddles.









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