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No matter where you travel, you will lodge somewhere other than home.  Using these opportunities to log the textures and the sights of new places will become a valuable resource when writing. In fact, my friends over at Writers Helping Writers and One Stop For Writers even put some books together to help with this, The Rural Setting Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Personal and Natural Places, and The Urban Setting Thesaurus: A Writers Guide to City Spaces. Both of these resources are amazing.  It’s important that we learn to find our own descriptions.

Today, think about where you are.  Hotel? RV? Tent? Air B&B? Bed & Breakfast? Staying with Family or friends?  Write about it, and be sure to include the things you miss about being away from your own space.


Summer 2018

Home away from home. A small kitchen, even a refrigerator, and microwave.  All the comforts of home on wheels.  That’s how I roll. The idea of enjoying the great outdoors in the great outdoors holds appeal but not as much as the security and dryness of our travel trailer. I love the recliner and even the king-sized bed, provided the mattress pad is in accompaniment.  The thing I think I miss the most is the dishwasher and big shower.  The walls need color, I’ve added a single painting, I need to add more.  I am constantly amazed at the nooks and crannies that are abounding allowing me to store some of my treasures.  Books, notes, files, color pencils and even a few of My Favorite Things, (funny because that’s the company I buy most of my [art]stamps from.) and other crafty things. 

Space is tight but its cozy.  Dash, my service dog, has found a perch from where she can birdwatch and protect her people.  Last year, we were out for several weeks and quickly discovered our need for additional work space outweighed the need for extra seating.  Out with the uncomfortable sofa bed. In with the discarded black desk we rescued is serving as a perfect writing nook.  A few shelves and a desk lamp make for a happy introvert. 

I am pleasantly aware that I have much less and seem to be much happier.  The stuff of home weighs me down.  So many things to keep track of and mentally manage.  Perhaps this is why I am inspired to put pen to the page while occupying this little home. 

The walls may slide in, the bathroom small, single pane windows that crank, and the primary form of entertainment is a radio,  but for at least two months it will be my home away from home. 

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