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Paying attention to the things that can connect a reader with the feeling or experience you are writing are what make engaging writing.  They say the sense of smell is the most powerful way to recall memories.  I agree, but to be well rounded we need to consider all the sense that can connect a reader with an experience.

Today consider your mode of transportation.  Automobile, motorcycle, RV, boat, train whatever way you traveled this summer, think about how to connect a reader to the experience.


Our truck slid across the lane, the roll in my stomach threatened to reveal my recently ingested Egg McMuffin.  It was not a screeching or sudden movement, more like a rolling wave, and in addition to the feeling of a small craft being tossed in the wake of a choppy sea, the sway felt like hitting an ice patch. 

 Once on a deep sea fishing trip, I experienced this feeling.  My jaw clamped and I felt the sour frown cross my face. I learned what the term “chum” meant that day. 

Relentless the seven thousand pounds behind us moved across the lane like a porpoise, rising and submerging through the water. This was my first experience with our brand new travel trailer and had me questioning our decision to buy the beast. Luckily, we discovered a new term that day too, “sway bars” ever since it’s been smooth sailing

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