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I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I love to travel is that I get opportunities to eat at places that are not the same old stuff.  When people visit from different states one of the first things they want to do is head to the nearest local Mexican food restaurant.  To be fair, I don’t really like Mexican food but for those that do, this neck of the woods does have some pretty amazing eats.

I have also found that in different regions of the US there are “local” franchises that offer some good eats.  Chick-fil-a used to be one of those treats I would indulge in anytime I was in the south.  They have since expanded and now are everywhere.  A few of the local favorites with roots in Arizona include Wildflower, Lo-Lo Chicken & Waffles, Cold Stone Creamer (now national), P.F. Changs (now national), Garcias (no national).  It was a visit to Steak & Shake that had me thinking up this prompt.

Today, write about the local eateries, what do you love about them.  Why would you like them to open in your area?  Or if you had some delicious local favorite write about that.  Visiting New Orleans?  I can only think of Po’Boy!  Southwest? Tamales North East? Real New England Clam Chowder South? Southern Cooking, grits, greens, you name it! Then you write about it!

Here is my experience:

February 2013

The cold is not stopping me from enjoying the deliciousness of my childhood!  I don’t remember the way the burgers taste, even if the fries were good.  I do remember the shakes.  The split shakes.  I felt a childhood giddiness overcome me when we entered the establishment and the familiar black and white checkered floors greeted me.  Finding seats after being waved in by a woman working the register, “Take any seat y’all want.  We’ll be right with ya.”  

I would swear she was the same woman that worked there when I was a kid, and she had not changed a bit.  Memories are funny that way, they freeze things in place and when you return it may seem like nothing at all changed.  

I don’t even care about the menu.  I know the purpose of this stop is for a split shake.  That’s right two flavors in one cup.  Mint Chocolate Chip and Banana.  That’s what I want.  The burger is secondary.  

The shakes are set on the table.  One cup split and two silver “extra” cups.  I stick the straw in and drink deeply from each side.  It is just like I remember.  A double treat.  I don’t really eat my burger. I push away the guilt and just enjoy the memory of childhood.  

I have often said if only we had a Steak & Shake near us.  In some ways, I am glad we don’t. I learned that when Chick-fil-a moved into the nearest strip mall.    If Steak & Shake opened near us this feeling of childhood bliss would be too common and hold not the joy I had today.   




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  1. Lol I would be one of those finding the Mexican restaurant! Steak-n-Shake is good too 😉

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