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We are going to dive into our final post on commonly misused words.  I hope this week you have been able to bookmark some of those words that are troublesome for you. Here we go.

Which vs. That

That is used when the information in the sentence is vital to the meaning of the sentence.

Example: The children that are naughty will go to their room.

This sentence states that children that are being naughty will go to their room.

Which is used when the information is not essential to the sentence. The use of which also is seen in companionship with two commas.

Example:  The children, which are naughty, will go to their room.

The fact that the children are naughty in this example could be omitted and the sentence will still be true.  The children will go to their room.

The Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, suggest this tip to recall the proper usage of these words.  “You can kick the witches out. (in this case whiches).”  That being said, a sentence that has additional non-essential information enclosed by commas will utilize the word which.

Between, Among, Amid

Between is used when there are clearly distinct options.

Example: She got to choose between peanut butter chocolate and mint chip ice cream.

Among is used when the options are not clearly defined.

Example: She got to choose among five kinds of ice cream.

Amid is used to signify something that can’t be counted.

Example:  The front-runner shook hands and kissed babies amid the large gathering of supporters.


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  1. Love these tips, Erika. Thanks for sharing

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