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A full moon evokes all kinds of feelings.  The question is what is the feeling you get when you see the full moon? Is it always the same?  What changes if you are gazing up at the moon and the night air is warm, thick with humidity?  What if it is chilly and biting?  If you are sitting in a familiar place or a place that you are uncertain of?  Do you think of monsters or romance?  That is the best thing about telling stories, one image can bring about so many ideas and thoughts.  Take a moment to consider some of the environmental aspects, and then write (turn off your inner critic), write a poem, a story whatever you feel when you look at this image.


Moonlit Magic

by: Erika Hayes

Noise surrounds me the party is in full swing.  Laughter, clinking glasses, children running about, beer bottles coming open and the thud of lawn games being played.  I cover my nose as the stench of my cousin’s cigarette smoke curls through the air.  I stand to escape.  Truth is I am looking for any reason to get away.  The party is an excuse to be outside, to have noise to cover the sounds of the night.  I walk toward the densely wooded area behind my home, the blue tinge covering the earth tells me the moon is in full bloom.  It hangs watching over me, reminding me of my longing. I pray tonight will be the night and I smile.  I look back and see my extended family as they play cornhole, look at scrapbooks and laugh through memories.  

The breeze is soft bringing coolness but it’s too soft for the rustling I hear behind me.  A low growl and I turn to see two captivating blue eyes watching me.  My heart thumps in my chest then he steps just out from the darkness.  Taking me by the waist he pulls me close and nuzzles my jaw.  He let out another low growl. The sounds of desire not warning,  “Did I scare you?”

“No, I knew you would come, I could feel you nearby,” I looked up at the moon, “it’s a perfect night.” 

“The moon is full. The air is warm, you smell delicious.”

“No nibbling mister,” I scold him as he nips at my neck, “Save that for later.” 

“Will you come with me?”  His smile is knowing. “I need a nibble.”

I look back at the gathering of people, they won’t miss me for an hour or so, “Sure, but I can’t be gone long someone will miss me.”

Nuzzling me again, “I hope they miss you then.”

His hands wander under my top.  I turn to him and let out a soft laugh, “You’re terrible.”

I can feel the excitement of the moonlit night pushing through us both.  I need him, he needs me.  My family can never know.  

“I’m anything but terrible, let me show you.” His hand finds the small of my back as he turns us toward the woods. 

I look back at my family. “They think you are gone.” 

“Then let’s go.” He laughs looks back at the people that cast him out when the affliction came.  “I only need you.” 

My husband reaches down and takes my hand and leads me away into the dark. His tail swishes with anticipation as we cut through the woods, and he lets out a howl of delight. They will know soon enough that he never left.   


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