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In the Hoh Rainforest, there are many creatures living.  One that lives there, is a snoggle.  Well, that is what I call it.  Wondering in the rainforest I came across this lovely tree that had long ago fallen in an odd manner but appeared to still be alive and kicking.  From a distance, it looked like a large head of some animal and I soon found myself making up a story about what it “really” was.  I came up with the snoggle. The best part of photographing and using visual writing prompts is you are able to experience your wonderings again and again.  The snoggle has since made his way into a story for kids.  I will share a bit of that story with you here.


The Snoggles of Stanwick Forest

By Erika Hayes


It wasn’t all that long ago that the forests of Stanwick were filled with snoggles.  Loveable creatures that were sadly misunderstood.  Snoggles live to help the forest and those that live in it. When the forest or its creatures are in peril, snoggles can’t help but take action. 

This story is about Sanwoggle the Snoggle.  Sanwoggle was a larger than normal snoggle. Due to his enormous size, he was put in charge of a part the Stanwick forest where fairies liked to flit about.  The fairies liked Sanwoggle because he kept the humans from destroying their homes in the trees.  Sanwoggle liked the fairies because the would tell him that he was the most handsome of all the moss covered snoggles they have ever seen. While humans were afraid of the moss-covered monsters if they took the time to get to know the snoggles they would find only harming the forest would make a snoggle mean.  

The problem with Sanwoggles part of the forest was the men of the human kingdom liked fairies too. They would hunt for them because the fairies would sprinkle magic when they were afraid.  The king of Stanwick would pay large sums of money to anyone that could bring him even the smallest amount of fairy magic. 


That’s all you get!  Sorry, hopefully, one day you can purchase the book, but for now, I can’t give away what happens in Stanwick forest can I?


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