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Photo Credit: Erika Hayes

There is a lot going on in this photo.  One thing about visual prompts is they can also help set the mood of your writing.  If you are feeling gloomy this prompt may speak to you.  The story may already be flowing before you even finish reading this post.  If you are feeling sunny and bright today this may alter your mood or you may have a great twist on this image to put into the story.

Take a few moments and feel the motif of this photo.  What does it stir in you?  Sadness? Excitement?  Danger?  Safety?  Are you in the truck or the one behind the truck?  Why did the person behind the truck take the photo? Look at the entire image, is there anything odd or out of place?  Take in the details, then pen your story.

Sample :

On the Road to Summer

By: Erika Hayes

Yeah, even in the winter it gets hot in the desert.  The days are mild but sometimes a girl just needs a change of scenery.  Since I didn’t have much to do on Valentine’s Day I took a road trip.  Maybe I’d meet Mister Right if I left this godforsaken city and headed north.  I needed to find a place to reroot myself after Tommy.  That dirty rotten no good, well you get the idea.  I don’t want to think about Tommy anymore, that was a year ago and now I am ready to get this broken heart back in the game.  I threw my things in my car and decided to find a new place to settle by summer. 

It wasn’t even two hours since I made my decision to pack up my stuff and find somewhere new when I ran smack dab into a winter storm on the rim.  It was like life was trying to say something. The fog came up and the snow came down.  At first, I was excited, snow.  I aint seen snow in years.  Then I realized my tires are a little well, worn.  My heart beat a little faster on some of the hills and suddenly 65 MPH seemed excessive.  I almost turned around when I felt the road under me slipping a little here and there.  I spent my life turning around, always headed back to what was safe. I decided after seeing the snow plows coming down the mountain that I needed to settle in behind someone that could help keep the road clear.  A semi was plodding slowly up the hill so I did just that.  I settled in.  Seems I do a lot of settling.  As I drove along I began thinking about the ways I’ve accepted that life is just a way and I couldn’t change it.   Well, no more I tell you. I am never going to settle again.  

[This is a sample from the short story,  On the Road to Summer by Erika Hayes.]


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