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There are a lot of sites and programs out there for writers that are about “helping” you be a better writer.  Many of them are very helpful, and they do help writers avoid common pitfalls.

For a moment, however, I want to offer you something else. Instead of focusing on what you may not be doing right, let’s look at what you are doing right!

  1.  You are spending time in the chair writing.  That is probably the one that is the best.  It doesn’t matter if you are penning a letter, working on a writing prompt, writing a blog post or working on your manuscript when you are in the chair and clicking or scribbling away you are doing the most important part of being a writer, you are writing.
  2. You are following your dream. When you make the decision to take on writing as more than a hobby, you are doing more to follow your dream than the hobbyist.
  3. You are reading.  Check out the Pew Reseach Center’s look into who is and isn’t reading. Reading is what makes us better writers.  Stephen King, author, in his book On Writing states clearly, if you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time to write.
  4. You are working hard.  Like most people that are writing (blogging, novels, non-fiction, poet whatever) you probably have another job.  When you balance your time so that you are able to sit down and write words you are doing something big.
  5. You are sharing your message.  While not everyone will agree with your opinions or even your writing style, you are putting your thoughts out into the world to allow people to judge you.  That is hard and you are very brave for that.

It is important to know that this post is not just about writers.  It’s about all of you.  Just getting up every morning is a success.  What can we do to keep doing it right?

  1. Pray.  Not just for your needs but for the needs of others.
  2. Volunteer.  Helping others will give you a realistic view of how much you really have
  3. Encourage others.  Finding a way to lift others will help you realize how many fantastic people there are in this world. (and not focusing on the ugly out there.)
  4. Give compliments.  Freely giving compliments makes others feel better and you will feel better as well.
  5. Journal.  Yeah, many times you can put in a journal the things you need to express.  You can vent safely and admit things that are really bothering you deep down.
  6. Believe in yourself.  This is hard in a world that is often tearing you down.  Trust that you are able to do the things you plan to do.  Keep those visuals around you, write yourself notes of encouragement too!  Believe that you can indeed do what you set your mind to!

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  1. My favourite saying is “Today you can and you will” 🙂

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