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I read a lot!  Like A LOT!  Every once and a while I come across a book that really resonates.  For the writer, it can be a lonely road and that road can get discouraging from time to time.  This is why I am always reading books about the craft.  To remember I am

  1. not alone
  2. to be encouraged
  3. to seek out new ideas for how to better my experience

The book Fierce on the Page was one of the best books for encouraging writers I have ever read.  There are practical useful ideas on bettering your writing journey as well as the author, Sage Cohen, shares her personal journey.  She is a poet and mother that shares the things that  both encouraged and discouraged her, some resonated with me some did not.  Her ideas on how to overcome your worries and discouragements are organized very well and thoughtfully presented.  It is more than a book on “How to Write”  it is a book that will help you achieve through understanding your walk.  She has some of the best exercises for writers I have ever done.  It is filled with more than encouragement, there are actual ideas and things a writer can do to better their journey.

One of the other things I loved about the book is the short chapters.  A page or two which made it easily digestible.  I originally started out thinking I will read a chapter a day and use it as a warm up.  It was so engaging that I ditched that plan and read it in just a few short days.

One thing I did not care for was the author shares a bit too much about her divorce and her use of mystical things in her religious practices.  That’s just me.  It wasn’t offensive but after a while I was distracted by it.  I eventually just “skipped” over those aspects and was still able to glean a great deal from the concepts presented.  With that said, I wanted to state I applaud Ms. Cohen for her willingness to be open and vulnerable. I read a few reviews that shared my view on the one thing I didn’t care for, but to be honest, she goes to great lengths to be honest and share a part of herself in this book.  It was brave and I am sure difficult to put it out there for all us to criticize.  With that in mind, it is important to understand while she and I do not share the same religious beliefs, it’s okay.  It doesn’t make what she went through or what she can share from her experience any less valuable.

Ms. Cohen has a poet’s heart, she has created a fantastic book that will encourage everyone.  Don’t get hung up on the stuff that you may not agree with, if you do, you will miss out on the great ideas and fantastic knowledge in this book.

NOTE:  Ms. Cohen offers a free workbook on her website to accompany this book.  How cool is that?  There is information in the book for you to join her community of support as well as get the workbook.


Disclaimer:  This review was not requested by Sage Cohen or the publishers of her book.  I did not receive any goods, services or compensation for this review. 


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